Thursday, September 30, 2010

Act Now and We'll Throw in Maybellene at No Extra Charge!!!!

I love the movie "Sideways," possibly because it involves a dour, pudgy, middle-aged guy who drinks too much wine then somehow meets a lovely woman-- but also (waking from his derranged revery) because it's funny.  And one funny part is when the guy's friend tells a woman they meet that he does voiceovers for car ads.  He starts to rattle on in a low, glossy voice about "low, low prices" and she says "You sound like one of those guys!" And he says, "I am one of those guys!"

Well, it turns out they have those guys in Brazil, too!

(Thanks Doug!)

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Anonymous said...

Saturday-Saturday-Saturday!!!! At Veterans Memorial Auditorium The MONSTER TRUCK RALLY!!! Come see BIGFOOT - USA1 - and of course The Legendary - GRAVEDIGGER!!!! LOL!!

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