Monday, September 6, 2010

The Plan ("Out the window! Wing it, boys!")

First-- arrive in St. Louis.  Hey-- the flight was free.

Then MetroLink to a fine hotel. 

Then, nada. Because I picked the wrong Wednesday.  But maybe some onion soup, and an IPA, and a cheeseburger at BBH, because I remember they were good.

Thursday: Devil at the Confluence, at the Children's Illustrated Art Museum?  We'll see.  Or maybe we'll rent a car, and remember Warrenton or nearby burghs.

Friday: Charles "Skeet" Rodgers and the Inner City Blues Band.  (Skeet currently being the only person or entity on MYSPACE  with fewer friends than me.  That will change.  If all goes well at the show Friday, I will befriend him on one or another social networking site.  Solidarity!)

Saturday: They'll be rocking at The Pageant.  I'll be up front, trying to figure out how to work my daughter's camera without any tear inducing flash.  Wish me luck.  I'm requesting a new song.  Big Boys?  Darlin'?  I'm not betting on it, but I'm requesting it.

Sunday, in the wee wee hours: off to see Billy Peek.  This is a man I've heard for decades, and who I admired without recognizing in the northern Italian show that Carmello attended.  I was thinking: that Italian man can play the blues.  But he was a St. Louis Blues musician.  Time to see him live.  (And speaking of St. Louis Blues: I'm creating my agenda using

And somewhere in between: the empty lot that was the Cosmopolitan; the street that was Goode Avenue; the river that is the Mississippi.

Of course: I'd appreciate any tips on how to spend the rest of my time, because I screwed up royally.  I coulda gone to St. Louis AND Maryland.  Or I coulda seen two shows back in old St. Lou.

Ah well.



Anonymous said...

Billy Peek - you Lucky Dog, I was going to try and squeeze a Billy Peek show in my last trip to St. Lou but he wasn't playing that weekend. "The City Museum" is a really cool place it is downtown - Its the building with a School Bus hanging halfway off the rooftop!! If you had some kids going with you you could enjoy it with them. I'd stop and see it anyway - it is really something.....

CB Forum ID - Busseybootlegger

Peter said...

Thank you, Doug. I will try to check it out. Peter