Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One First song

I've shown you my bad drawings.  I've shown you my bad paintings.  I've shown you my bad writing every day.  If I could, I would show you my bad construction-- because that's what started this next thing. 

For years I've been threatening to build a music room in my basement.  I first thought of it when my daughter Jade was little.  She liked to make music.  Specifically, she liked to pound on a drum set that I used to play, (badly,) when I was a kid.  But I wanted it for myself, too.  I wanted a place where I could pound the drums myself, without driving my family and my neighbors crazy.  But the drums have just sat there, for decades, becoming vintage; and Jade's gonna have a baby of her own soon.

So then I had a second generation child.  And my other daughter, Gemma, started playing piano.  Well.  So I decided to ACT. 

A few months later, I bought two by fours.

A few months after that, I used them.

A few months after that, I bought wallboard.

A few months after that, I called an electrician.

A few months after that, I swore, coughed, broke wallboard, pounded nails, swore more, coughed, choked, and eventually had a room blocked off.

Then I rested.

A few months after that I taped, and painted, and got thoroughly sick of the whole thing.

But now it's basically done.


I took down the old computer.

I loaded up some old software.

I found old microphones.

I installed a sound card.

I bought cheap headphones.

I carried down my amp.

I set up my drums.

I played bad bass.

And, in the course of an hour, I made my first recording. It's all me-- bad singing, bad voice, bad drums, strange blank spots, rattles, squeaks, and all.  (Two takes for the drumming-- one for the rest of it.  And nothing to cover the voice!)

Frankly-- it's *^%*&^%y.  But what the hell-- I'm sort of proud, anyway!

And I changed the "vocal."  It isn't better, but it doesn't have that Howard Dean's Last Stand quality to it, anymore.  It's just plain bad.

I'm not sure it will work, but  TRY CLICKING HERE!  (My hope is that this gets you to my folder, where you can scroll down and find the garbled mess that is my first recording.)

(I won't give up my day job.)


stefano said...

Hi Pete , Is that you on Guitar ? If so WOW...! really impressed , keep up the good work...

Anonymous said...

I Love It!!!!! Tulane you sound terrific!!!!Thank You and I like you song choice!!!
CB Forum ID - Busseybootlegger

Peter said...

I have no shame. After all, you're 7000 miles away!

Peter said...

It was actually fun. I have to learn to drum again. The voice-- it just can't be helped. Next up, maybe "No Money Down!"

Anonymous said...

I'm goin' ta' get that car and I'll be headin' on down the road!!! Go Head on Tulane, Can't wait to hear No Money Down from you!!
CB Forum ID - Busseybootlegger

Peter said...

I just spent an hour trying. Unless I have a sudden influx of new talent, you might have to wait a good long while!

Anonymous said...

I just can belive this.
What a great recording.
Just fantastic!
Can't wait for next one :-)


Peter said...

It's nice to have kind friends! But I'll keep trying. (I'm the only person who will let me into a band!)

Anonymous said...

Your record release is already a big success!


Anonymous said...

Oops! Maybe a second stab at that "vocal" ("YA sit ALONE!!") would have been in order! :) Peter O'Neil

Anonymous said...

Great! Very nice licks and bendings in pure Chuck style. I like it very much and I'm really impressed!
Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Here is the video of your song :-)

Maybe someday your name will be in lights
Saying Peter O'Neil tonight.