Friday, October 1, 2010

I Got the Legal Pneumonia, I Need a Shot of Rhythm and Blues!

Litigation arhtritis sitting down at some of the longest, worst depositions I've ever attended, with question after question good for about as much as they said war was.

For a couple months now I've been slogging through the most miserable work experience I can remember-- and I see no hope or sign of it letting up.  Imagine a bunch of lawyers behaving badly.  Imagine them behaving worse.  Multiply it by three.  (None of this is hard, right?)

The truth is, I've always enjoyed my work well enough.  There are horrid moments, horrid days, horrid weeks and some pretty spectacularly horrid people.  But I'm often amazed how well it ultimately works, and how well we all ulitmately get along.  Even lawyers.  (I remember after one long case and trial the lawyers on the other side all hugged us like the guys in an old Budweiser ad even though we'd obviously just kicked the (*&;^ out of them and their case.  "We love ya, man," is how it felt.  Years later we found out they had been withholding critical documents throughout the trial and the two years prior.  They don't love us so much anymore.)

But these are dark times.  Day after day I find myself surrounded by small minded, paranoid nitwits with slight minds bent on hiding truth through sleight of some very slow hands.

But soon, I will board a plane, half asleep, and snooze towards St. Louis to be born, again.  And again four nights later!

Ah Mr. Berry!  It may be your birthday, but it's starting to feel like mine.

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