Monday, September 13, 2010

Ed Brown Meets Chuck Berry (From Ronny Elliott's 'Magneto" CD)

Several months ago I was lucky enough to publish an interview with singer-songwriter Ronny Elliott, who backed Chuck Berry several times.  That interview is HERE.  Mr. Elliott gave me permission at the time to post a story called "Ed Brown Meets Chuck Berry," from his Magneto album-- but I didn't know how.  Then along comes Peter Kaleta and gives me an idea!  Make a movie!  So here, I hope, it is. 

I love this story-- even though it's enormously bittersweet.  It shows a bit what it was like for an African American to tour in the 1950s, why people like Chuck Berry deserve a slice of Nobel Peace pie.  

I thank Ronny Elliott for putting it on his record, and I thank Mr. Brown (R.I.P.) for telling the tale one more time! 

More about Mr. Elliott HERE.


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Very Cool Story!!