Sunday, September 5, 2010

But if You Try Sometime

Okay-- so I probably won't get to see Chuck Berry twice in one week in St. Louis.  I was premature in my arrangements.  But tonight I saw Bob Dylan again, at Bumpershoot, and it was the happiest Bob Dylan I've seen or heard yet, playing great electric guitar, singing old songs with recognizable melodies, messing with the melodies of the newer songs, playing an organ you could HEAR, dancing, posing, blowing clear notes on his harp that sounded more like a French accordian than the Bob Dylan of record, making dynamite music for more than 90 minutes, and making tens of thousands of people as happy as he was.

And before Bob, Wheedle's Groove, a stagefull of Seattle soul and Funk musicians from the late 1960s and early 1970s playing their local hits and making a huge crowd happy.  It's an amazing story, and evidently now a minor motion picture, and you have to feel good seeing these incredible musicians reborn and recognized at last by the wider community outside the CD where they were once real local stars.  Heres a link to the  MOVIE.  And here, evidently, is a TASTE OF IT.

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