Sunday, September 12, 2010

Maybe Someday You'll Actually Look Embarrassed

Only when I watched this video did I realize that, until a few minutes ago, I'd never seen Chuck Berry look embarrassed.  But watch him as he lip synchs "Johnny" in front of a bunch of stuffed teenage mannequins.  It's still fascinating.  Why'd they bring the amp if they weren't going to let him use it?  When was it filmed?  (By the jacket I'd guess mid 1960s-- Chuck Berry in London time; but my gut tells me it was later, an attempt at something "historical.")  I stopped watching when it became too painful, but the craziest thing is that when there's finally some action-- he's obviously doing the "scoot"-- the camera zooms in and only gets his face.  Anyway-- good to know that CB can be embarrassed.  After all, it happens to the rest of us all the time!


Anonymous said...

Tulane, I'm wondering whether this was made for Hollywood film audition or tv show or something. Maybe Johan or Dietmar might know the history here...... Thanks to Peter from Sweden for digging this up, Chuck's looking Goode!!
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Anonymous said...

The stage looks almost like BBH but it's not :-)
This information is from Morten Reff's book:
Greenwich Village 1967 or 1968.
Broadcast in colour. Berry mimed to Maybellene, Johnny B. Goode and Roll Over Beethoven.

I found 3 clips on YouTube from the same stage.

Serendipity Sisters



Peter said...

Peter-- Amazing research-- but I don't know where they found such a sleepy bunch of young people in Greenwich Village in 1967!