Saturday, December 19, 2009

Maybe Some Day (Chuck Berry Art)

I have always seen references to a bronze statue of Chuck Berry here in Seattle.  I finally found an image, however, dim.  If this is it, it looks like artists are having trouble getting that image.  (To me, the face on this one this one looks like Jimmy Carter.)   Here's where I read about it.  (Since the website seems to be built for something other than comfort, I'll paste the verbiage here: "Darryl beat the odds, the clock, and his day job to finish his lifesize statue of Chuck Berry for the corporate office of a music business here in Seattle. It's beautiful work. A balance of roughness and precision, like Berry's playing itself, fuzzy but the detail is there--buttons on shirt, guitar toggle, and strings that make a delightful sound when you strum 'em, 350 lbs of bronze balanced on the soles of a moment duckwalking between release and tension.") To be fair, I'll have to search out the real thing.  The artist is evidently the same person who made the statue of Jimi Hendrix on Broadway in Seattle.

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