Friday, December 25, 2009

Lucky Me!

Merry Christmas to me!  My wife (a few months after she she met me she gave me an autographed picture of Chuck Berry;, last year she gave me a ticket to Blueberry Hill!) sent to distant lands for Morton Reff's Complete and Unbelievable Dictionary of Chuck Berry!  My! My! My!  Already, minutes in to skimming, I am piecing together my life story.  I've mentioned here that the second time I saw Chuck Berry I was awakened late at night by interesting sounds and found my brothers Stevo and Danny watching Chuck Berry on the Dick Cavett show.  I open Reff's wonderbook to page 566.  Dick Cavett, December 1970, and he was playing: "Tulane!" 

Thank you Mr. Reff for your obsessions.  Thank you Rebecca for the book and turntable.  (Delilah's got nothing on you!)

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