Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chuck Berry Was In Redding California For Crying Out Loud!

This blog is mostly about how Chuck Berry influenced and affected my life.  I found this article from a town 150 miles north of the town I grew up in to be pretty interesting.  So are the comments.  (One guy backed him up at Humboldt State University in 1971.  He was probably going to or from one of the Sacramento or Lake Tahoe shows I saw!)  I agree with the author-- that it's worth it just to go.  Because he's still there performing.  I just wish it wasn't just casinos and such.  Casinos are sad and desperate to me-- a forced, drunken joviality while life goes down the drain.  That's why I love Blueberry Hill.  That's why I had such hopes for the British tour.  That's why I wish he'd drop the greatest hits, set down on a stool, and play 10 songs that are important to him.  Anyway, the attached story shows that people care.


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