Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And How It's Really Done.

Since we've been talking about "Nadine" so much I thought I should post some versions.  When I first say Chuck Berry at some long and leisurly shows in the early 1970's he'd do a couple of slow blues jams to get warmed up and then play "Nadine."  It always got the crowd going a bit.  And then  he'd say-- "Well, I think we're in tune now.  With your permission we'll begin our show!"  And then the crowd would go crazy.

It only occurs to me now how NEW "Nadine" was in those days.  The song was only 5 or 6 years old.  Maybe 7.  "Nadine" was still young and sleek, and moving like a wayward summer breeze.  Go, driver, go! Go!  Catch her for me please!

Anyway, here's one from London, 1972, right back in the days I first used to see him play it.

Here's one from a decade or so later.  Still a nice performance.  I bet there are more songs from this concert, but I've only seen a couple. 

I think Chuck's doing it way down in B flat, where you need big strong fingers.  (I still haven't figured out the little bell ringing thing he does after "you?")

Doug sent me this one way back there.  Can't beat it.

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