Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From The Hill to The Ville

So today we did the exact opposite of what we did last time.  First, we went to the Italian section of St. Louis to Ameghetti's-- a place for great sandwiches and salads.  It's one of those names that keeps coming up, so you go-- and it's worth the trip.  After the sandwich and salad, we went next door to Ameghetti's gelato place.  Basically you have no choice-- in once direction it's a bakery, in the other, great ice cream.  You're  gonna gain weight no matter what, which is why the Ameghetti's slogan comes in handy.  (How we save room for Blueberry Hill, we don't know.)

Suitably full, we crossed back to the north side of town.  First stop: Windermere Place.  This is the little street where Chuck Berry and his family lived after he'd become a star.  When we got to the house there were three people out front working.  They asked what we wanted.  "I'm a big Chuck Berry fan," I said sheepishly.  Hearing that, they actually got off the steps so that we could take pictures of the place.  I made a fool of myself with their broom-- a stiff and feeble attempt to assume the scoot position.  This is what age does to anyone who's not Chuck Berry!  (I look like and old man coming out with his broom to chase away children!)

Back on Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard we saw a monument to The Ville and many of the illustrious people born there, including Mr. Berry, Josephine Baker, Arthur Ashe and Tina Turner.

Chuck Berry's name is right up front, (if there's a front to a circular column!

Then we did one original thing-- I think!  We found The Crank Club, where "Chuck Berryn" once played.  I don't think Peter Kaleta got to that one, so I'm proud!  (I'm probably wrong, too!)

It's no longer The Crank Club, of course.  Now it's Laws Resale Shop.  And guess what?  The proprietor, Dwight Toler, used to play with one of the Berry kids.  "They lived on a private street named Windemere," he told us.  "We were just there," we said.  

What makes me laugh about The Crank Club is the story that Chuck called himself Berryn to disguise himself from his dad.  As far as I can tell, The Crank Club is about half a mile from every house the Berry family ever lived in, and the poster had his picture on it.  I don't think you were fooling him, Chuck!

After that we went to the house that is now on the historic register.  It's pretty tiny, with peeling paint. When we got out to take a picture a girl in the front seat of a car of young people asked "Is that Chuck Berry's house?"  I think so, I tell her.  She lives in the house across the street and seemed to enjoy the little bit of history.  (I saw a lady down the street about Chuck's age.  I almost couldn't help myself-- but hey, sometimes yu just have to move on.)

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I'll have to get a list of good places you ate at down in St. Lou for my next CB trip. I'm looking forward to next April !!!
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