Friday, October 22, 2010

Tonight, in Maryland, Chuck Berry and Daryl Davis!

I coulda been a contender!  I coulda made it three in a row!  I coulda flown to Maryland! 

(I coulda been tossed out on my ear and served with divorce papers!)

No, I'm happy to be home in Seattle with the ones I love, but tonight, a SOLD OUT show beckons east coast fans, who will see the amazing Daryl Davis and his band back Chuck Berry at the Strathmore music center. 

"Chuck Berry is a genius," says Davis in the attached newspaper article. "He invented rock ‘n' roll. Everybody can say, ‘I play rock ‘n' roll.' He invented that. My favorite song of all time is ‘Johnny B. Goode.' To be onstage playing your favorite song with the guy who actually wrote it — that song has transcended time."  Read more HERE.

It's an amazing week for an 84 year old artist-- first two dynamite shows in St. Louis, then off to Maryland, and then back for an encore at a casino in Illinois, just across the river from old St. Lou. 

Daryl Davis has backed Chuck Berry for decades.  He plays the same sort of strong boogie woogie piano as Bob Lohr and Bob Baldori.  And his love for the man is evident on stage and in his writing.  (There's a lot of that writing on this website-- just use the "search" feature on the blog.)  When I got a chance to meet Chuck Berry, I gave him printouts of interviews with Daryl, Baldori and Lohr because I thought the man himself ought to know how the people who know him best feel about him.

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