Friday, October 22, 2010

Too Cool! Karen and Judy Present a Brian Tones Painting to Chuck Berry for his 84th Birthday

The other night at Blueberry Hill we had the honor and pleasure of eating dinner with Judy Feldworth and Karen Ross, two people I consider "The Mayors of Blueberry Hill."  Judy pretty much runs the place, giving good natured orders to everyone from the wait staff to the owner; and Karen is obviously pulling strings behind the scenes in her quieter way.  They are both wonderful dinner companions, and have insight gained from more than 100 visits to Blueberry Hill so see their Uncle Chuck.  They have become friends of our hero, and as friends sometimes do, they brought him a special gift before the show: an original by artist Brian Tones.  (You can find Tones' website in my "review" of the October 10, 2010 show, below.)  Mr. Tones contributed the painting, and sent a note to Mr. Berry.  Judy and Karen got it framed (at considerable expense.)  Hail!  Hail!  to all three, (and the guy in the red shirt, too!)

Thank you Judy and Karen!  (And if you want to see Judy tell Tchaicovsky the news, CHECK IT OUT HERE!)


Anonymous said...

Tulane, Thank you so much for the picture's of Judy and Karen presenting Chuck with his birthday present. Judy gave me a "Sneak Peek" before the August BB Hill Show at the artist's drawing of Chuck that her and Karen were going to give him. It is done very well. I love Judy & Karen - Oh, I love the guy in the red shirt too......Happy Birthday Chuck!!!
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Anonymous said...

Wow, Judy is on local television :-)
What a wonderful gift to Chuck !