Saturday, October 16, 2010

These People are Nice!

Somehow or another, we managed to arrive in the Delmar Loop just in time for sound check at The Pageant-- and Bob Lohr was nice enough to track us down and let us in!  I posted an article the other day saying that The Pageant was one of the best music venues in the country.  I think that article was telling the truth!  It is a beautiful place, and the sound check sounded very, very good.  Can't wait to tell you more-- but hey, you'll have to check back.  We're gonna eat and run BACK for the show!


Anonymous said...

Tulane - Now I'm extremely jealous - Have a great time!!!

CB Forum ID - Busseybootlegger

Anonymous said...

Thanks Peter for the news. I hope the concert will be great. Have a nice time in St. Louis. Peter