Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tight Dresses and Lipstick

I looked back just now and saw this quote and realized what a poet Ronny Elliott really is.  I mean, this stuff came out on my pitiful little blog!  Read more below.

"Lavern Baker’s dress was too tight to walk up the stage stairs. She had to stand at the foot and snap her fingers for two musicians to come lift her by the elbows to put her on the stage. Bo came on and the walls shook. What’s a rock’n’roller doing with eyeglasses? How come Bill Haley and Joe Turner are playing the same song? The sacred mystery of rock’n’roll took over my soul and I continue to worship at that same altar."

(I was thinking about that line from "Field of Dreams," and thinking of applying it to the image of LaVern Baker snapping her fingers, and putting it in the first person, but I decided the resulting phrase was not appropriate to a family blog.)

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