Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pinetop, "Big Eyes," Mr. Stroger, and Gemma

Not satisfied simply to see legendary performers who are over 80 years old, I am now starting a newer qwest: I'm going to see legendary performers who are nearly 100 years old.  Or, at any rate, I'm going to see the only one I know of.  Tonight, at Jazz Alley in Seattle: Pinetop Perkins!  http://www.pinetopperkins.com/

What makes it especially thrilling is that we're taking my daughter Gemma, who recently began studying piano, and has already begun to play a bit of boogie woogie and blues!  Go, Gemma, Go!

Here's Mr. Perkins with Bob Margolin.

Tonight at Jazz Alley he'll be joined by Willie "Big Eyes" Smith and Bob Stroger.  Smith's site, below, has a great video of him and Pinetop recording.  Check it out.


Check out Mr. Stroger's webstite here!

More later.

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