Monday, May 3, 2010

Don't the Beat Overcome You...

I don’t have flying dreams. But at least three or four times that I remember, I’ve dreamed that I found a room with amplifiers and musicians and a drum set just sitting there, and I sit down…

Then I wake up.

I don’t actually recall playing the drums in these dreams, but I always approach the set with the confidence that I’ll be able to at least play a beat.

I used to play drums when I was teenager. I was a simple 'boom-chuck" drummer back when people surrounded themselves with dozens of tom toms and played ridiculous solos.  (I was born under a bad time.)  And I played my last beats about 36 years ago. But I kept the drums—always hoping there’d come a time when I could pound them again without bothering the neighbors.

I’ve even been working on a soundproof room in the basement. But I’m even less of a builder than musician, so it’s taking a while.  (Maybe by the time I get Social Security.)

But yesterday the dream came true.

I was with a group of amateur musicians. One was semi-pro. We’d rented a room with three amps and a drum set. A drummer came, but he was having trouble keeping the beat.

So when he left the room, I couldn’t resist.

There was a bass player and a guitarist. I sat down at the drums—and for the first time all afternoon we had a little vibe going. I couldn’t do much, but I could keep time, work the pedals, and smack the snare two or three times every measure.

I loved it.

Today I spent some time polishing my old drums, which have been in our basement soaking up dust and grime for decades.  It got me thinking, and I looked the set up on line.

Turns out, it’s vintage.

It’s a set called Ludwig “Club Date.”  The small tom tom was manufactured three weeks before my 11th birthday.  I got them when I was 16 or 17 for $150.

The cheapest set they sold, painted black—but someone was selling the bass drum alone for $275 on e-bay.

I’d never sell mine—but it’s nice to know that the drums have appreciated.

Now I got to make them feel that way.

We’re going to rent the room again, and I’m going to put down the guitar for a while and try to drum.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Peter -Go Head On!!!! Keep us informed with your playing.....

CB Forum ID - Busseybootlegger

Anonymous said...

My friend Paul Gott and his band "Rabbit Trax"" played last saturday night at a bar about 40 miles from me. My wife and I went, he had me come up with them and sing Nadine!!

CB Forum Member - Busseybootlegger

Peter said...

Good job! A new career may await you! I tried singing it the other day, too, but it's hard when you've got less than an octave of voice and a drummer who's beat keeps stuttering and slowing! Luckily we were in a nearly soundproof room.

Anonymous said...

Peter Thats Funny!! Yes no matter where Chuck is with the song a little ahead or a little behind, Jimmy Marsala and Keith Robinson keep that same beat throughout.....

CB Forum Member - Busseybootlegger

Peter said...

I feel like he may mis some notes these days (I hear because of hearing more than anything else) he remains a real king of rhythm. At the show I saw recently the best thing was the way he punctuated nearly every line with chords. And I like the way he barks out the lyrics now-- all rhythm and nearly no melody. He's a rock and roll rapper. But yeah-- he's got the rhythm section of his dreams at BBH. Have to get back there. Or maybe Brazil?