Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 15 Brazil; May 19, St. Louis; May 23, Delaware

I get old, but he doesn't.  The song doesn't.  This is from May 19th at Blueberry Hill!  (My pupeteer Doug sent it, of course!)  I love how the song stops and then starts again at the end.


Anonymous said...

After my trip to St. Lou in March to see the All Ages Show, I was totally exhausted. We left home on Friday morning and arrived back Sunday evening. My wife did all the driving. I thought about Chuck doing all that traveling throughout his career and even today at the age of 83. The man is truly remarkable.....
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Peter said...

The greatest memorial to the man would be a list of every show, every town, every date, starting in 1951 or 1952, inscribed in granite. It would be remarkable to see.