Friday, January 29, 2010

Bon Soir, Cheries-- Je Dois Partir! (Bientot! D'abord je dois ecouter "Have Mercy!"

It was before videos, and of course I went to see "Let The Good Times Roll" about 10 times, even taking my mom once.  In addition to the music, which was very good, it was a chance to see my hero wander through the backwoods of Berry Park, scraping paint from an old bus that he'd bought in San Jose.  I loved it.  And I saw shows end this way at least four times in the early 1970s (although never with Bo Diddley on stage!)-- him singing in French, then translating, then launching "Johnny," then feigning surprise as we all sang and clapped madly, then backing off stage, bowing, the guitar held in front of him like an offering.  (Later the ending became "House Lights" with its refrain of "Do you want us to quit?") 

No Chuck, we don't.  We never do.  You always leave us wanting just a bit more-- which is, I'm sure, the key to your longevity!


Anonymous said...

Karen has shared with me that Chuck still has those red pants!!

CB Forum ID - Busseybootlegger

Peter said...

If the pants fit, wear 'em! ($7!) (Me-- I'm not wearing my pants from 1972 anymore, that's for dang sure.) Peter