Sunday, January 3, 2010


In the first three days of 2010 there have been visits to this site from Latvia, France, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Sweden, the U.K., Canada, Australia, Germany, Michigan, Iowa and St. Louis.  Which says something about the legacy of Chuck Berry.

It sounds like early 2010 will bring a new boxed set from Hip-O Select.  This time: the stuff from the late 1960s and the 1970s.  I'll be happy to have "Back Home" on CD.

Someone's pushing for the Mercury stuff, too.  I hope it happens.  Just amp the bass up and make it sound better!

We can hope that the British tour is back on in March.  Lots of tickets sold.

I have high hopes for a release of new material from Mr. Berry.  Two of his friends and band members have mentioned it in "interviews" on this site--- and hell, it's been mentioned forever.  I hope it comes soon.  I hope he plays the material at concerts.

Depending on my schedule and his, and my luck with Ticketmaster, I might try to get to Blueberry Hill again.  If I do it, I'll pick a warmer time.  Maybe I'll drive!  Some sort of round the continent tour beckons.

I guess websites never die, but I'll soon stop posting here in any regular way.  I've had my say about Chuck Berry-- at least for now.  What I love about him and his legacy is the way new subjects just kept appearing.  I wish I could have done more with the postings about the "sidemen."  That is something someone could do a book about.  Anyway-- I'm sure I'll add something now and then when there is something worth adding.  (A CD of new material, for example!)  But more than anything, this site was about me-- about how my discovery of Chuck Berry's music, and then the blues, and then jazz, changed things for me.  Some of it was an obsession bordering on illness, but mostly it was a healthy dose of something real-- truly good American music played raw and live and as well as it can be played.

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You have done a fine job Peter.