Saturday, June 19, 2010

Someone Opened Up The Closet Door (and Stole a Melody!)

I went to my piano to plumk out the melody of "Garden Party" (it is catchy; it is caught inside my head tonight) and I realized I was actually playing the melody to "Brown Eyed Handsome Man!"

Someone opened up the closet door,
(Two and three count, with nobody on)
And out stepped Johnny B. Goode
(He hit a high fly into the stands)
Playing guitar like a ringing a bell
(Rounding third he was heading for home

Jeeze Louise, My Sweet Lord and Oooo-Lang oooo Lang, too.  If stolen tunes were all I sang...

Anyway, RIP Ricky Nelson.  It's a good song, too.  But dang!

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