Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rellin' and Rockin' and Rollin' Since the Dawn of Time

Thanks to Doug and Dominic for these.  And to Chuckfan1, who evidently played the bass you hear pounding through the songs.  What I love is that these give us more live performances captured with multiple cameras to join the Toronto and London shows,  Let the Good Times Roll, Hail Hail, a couple of good television performances, and even some recent shows from B. B. King's.  Someday someone will gather them and put together something wonderful.  Anyway, if you're watching this for the first time hang in there for the closing number, "House Lights," where he does his usual show stopping ending, practically playing the guitar as he puts it in the case, and having a harder time getting off stage than James Brown and his cape.  I'd say it's the definitive live production of that particular number, at least as captured on tape or film. 

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