Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bon Soir Cheri. Je Dois Partir Now. Je Vous Aime Beaucoup.

I started this blog more or less by accident in March 2009, during a temporary breakdown at the I had posted three or four things there in the winter and realized that I enjoyed spouting off about my old hero. (I enjoy spouting off about lots of things, whether I know about them or not.) Then one day the forum conked out, locked some of us out, and my old posts disappeared. It turned out that the forum was being targeted by spammers, and the first effort to block them ended up knocking off lots of other people and jettisoning hundreds of posts, including mine.

You don’t miss your water till your well runs dry. I had the rolling arthritis-- so I started this blog. And somehow I just kept blogging, even after the forum got going again and my old posts returned. Whenever I’d run out of ideas, I’d head towards youtube and type something like “Odie Payne,” and the rest took care of itself.

Which is a typically long-winded way of saying that I started this thing, and it’s here, and now I have to figure out how to end it.

So, in the manner of James Brown, I'm donning my cape just one last time! 

(Mr. Berry---  I love you.  Bye Bye!)

Now can anyone beat that?  What more is there to write about?

(Maybe a new album full of new songs.)


Anonymous said...

After checking my emails your blog is always the first or second thing I go to when I do my daily "surfing" on the world wide web. Thank you for the very entertaining and informative stuff on Chuck. Your Chuck Berry blog has been truly enjoyable to me. I like hearing your take on things.

Thank You,
Go Head On Tulane!!

CB Forum ID - Busseybootlegger

Anonymous said...

hey up mate that clip is a cracker i use this ending also in my chuck berry tribute concerts in which i have one tonight... solid chuck set and im gonna rock it... hopefully post a video soon.. great stuff again mate on this site, like the guy above.. your page is my everyday thing too, take care mate.. go chuck go

dominic cooper, leek, england..