Saturday, November 21, 2009

Work In Progress ("In a Wee Little Church")

It's not enough to listen, or to think about it for a year, or read, or blog.  I try to play it, too.  I finally figured out how "Johnny B. Goode" really begins, and how to play the rhythm guitar on "Nadine," and I'm getting better at "Maybellene."  And I think I've figured out his instructions for the "turnaround." 

And every 10 or 15 years, like the clockwork of his convictions, I take out the acrylics and try to make a painting. 

My skills have not improved much since kindergarten, but that doesn't stop me.

This one is still in the sketch phase-- but I got past the part that scared me-- getting CB himself roughed into the picture within the picture.  I modeled it from memory of the shots on the back of "Back Home."

Two of my favorite things are Italian gothic and Chuck Berry.  So I put them together.  (It occurs to me now that I should have put a nighttime scene outside the door, and a sky full of stars.  The triumvirate would be complete.)  Someday soon I'll light some of the candles on that table.

Why, I don't know.  Too much time on my hands, I guess.

P.S.  Suddenly the mind is buzzing.  Jacob Lawrence did a whole series telling the history of the Haitian General Toussaint l'Ouverture.  I may do a series to the song cycle of Chuck Berry.  Maybellene waiving from the top of the hill.  Alone in a wee little room.  Johnny by the railroad tracks.  The long legs of Nadine disappearing into a yellow cab.  Johnny's mother at the kitchen door.  Tulane jumping the counter.  The view from 903.

Lordy!  I could be famous!

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