Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Riding Along in WHOSE Automobile???????????

David St. John is a British comic and singer.  You can find out more about him, or maybe even book a performance, by clicking here.  But there was a time when David St. John was just a young kid, perhaps a bit like like the boys and girl standing and waiting by the convertible door in this picture from what I assume is mid-1960s England.  (It sure isn't mid-1960s Central California.  We didn't wear ties, or sweaters, or tweed.)  But in at least one important respect David was different from these polite Britains.  You note that they are standing outside the car, hands in pockets, silent, keeping a respectful distance while the photographer and Chuck Berry did their thing. 

Not David.  He was respectful, I'm sure-- and probably awestruck.  But that didn't stop him.  After a Chuck Berry concert in 1965 David escaped the auditorium through a side door, found the idling limo, and ...

But that wouldn't be fair of me.  David tells it much better.  And you can find it right here!

David is, of course, still out there.  "I'm now 61 and an established professional comedy entertainer all over the UK. Stand-up gags, impressions and some vocals although I also cover longer times with the music including many Chuck classics of course!"  David used to be in local bands, and still plays music.  "I do play electric 12 string guitar, which I started to learn a bit late in '72 when leaving bands so needed back-up. Still play blues harp and some keyboards, drums but for fun."  As a kid he was in all the right places.  Around the same time that he jumped into Chuck Berry's car and got a ride and an autograph he also found his way to a famous tavern in Liverpool!

David is planning to see Chuck Berry in downtown Birmigham.  (England, that is.)  "I'm counting the days to the Birmingham concert and have a seat near the front! I doubt if I'll be able to jump in Chuck's car again, like I did way back in the Sixties!"   That probably wouldn't be wise. (16 year olds get it easier than 61 year olds when highjacking a ride.) But I hope he gets to say howdy-do and shake a wise and legendary hand.

But read the whole thing here on the chuckberry.com forum.

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I just read about him on ChuckBerry.Com today. That's cool.