Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Taj Mahal

I couln't think of a Chuck Berry angle, but every Thanksgiving Seattle is blessed by a week or two of Taj Mahal at Jazz Alley, a huge and classy jazz dinner club downtown.  He's there now.  Sometimes I go see him there in November, but this year-- although I'm thankful as all get out-- I'm too busy.  So here's a song about food and family from Taj. 

I always have considered Taj Mahal one of my personal heros and one of my modern instructors in the blues.  This song is pretty easy to pick out in the chords D G E and A.  Just move your fingers around a little and slied the A up from the bottom fret.  You won't sound like Taj, but you'll know a good song.

And someday, if I don't feel too foolish, I'll tell the story about when I think a young Taj Mahal walked up and listened to a young me play a Chuck Berry song on the streets of San Francisco.  But I feel too foolish to do that now.

So happy Thanksgiving, y'all.  And if you don't have turkey, try some buttermilk corn cakes with fish fried nice and brown.  Or go see Taj at Jazz Alley.  It's allllllwwwwaaayyyyys good.

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