Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Second Report of the Chuck Berry Astronomical Society

(Please read and review Minutes of Prior Meeting.)

Subject:  Further Report on Subject Photo

Subject photo taken to subect of photo for authentication.  Subject made various happy exclamations confirming that photo is indeed authentic.  Subject then stepped quickly down hall to show friends.  Subject consulted with several witnesses on calculations (he majored in math) and determined date of photo to be 1937.  Research by Mr. Kaleta has determined that an annular eclipse occurred in St. Louis in 1938, (statistically significant and within the margin of error.)  When asked if he remembered an eclipse subject remained focussed but silent until he exclaimed: "Look at those shoes!"  

Working theory remains: subject was observing eclipse of 1938.

Alternate hypothesis raised by at least two of subject's close friends: "Were you looking through some girl's window, Chuck?!!?"

(Thanks to member Peter K., whose digital photo made inquiry possible!)  


Anonymous said...

Thank You Peter. I love this picture!

Peter said...

Peter, thank YOU. The best thing about this picture (aside from its utter and complete coolness) is that it allowed me to make Chuck Berry happy. And he really was. He's made me happy a thousand times. It was nice to be able to turn it around, if just for an instant, and do the same for him.