Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Long Distance Information Give me Memphis, Tennessee

Beale Street on a quiet night.

The wall outside Graceland.

                                                             A peek into the grounds

Presley Park

                                                                        Elvis's plane(s)

We couldn't get inside Stax

Memphis Slim's house is right behind Stax.  Not quite as well preserved as Graceland-- but it looks like there are plans.

I loved some of the wall paintings nearby.

American manufacturing at its best.  Apple should take note.

                          Look close and you'll see the ES semi-hollow body they are making for me.
                                                                           (Ah well...)

                                                   Half a mile from the Mississippi Bridge.

I'd never been to Arkansas or Tennessee.

Don't know if it'll work-- but if it does, you'll see a roll get thrown.  Doug's was thrown even farther.  


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures again Peter, but you drove up to the wrong bridge :)

Hernando de Soto Bridge was opened in 1973.

Here is the right one

I think that Marie's home is somewhere here,-90.074962&spn=0.00896,0.016512&t=h&z=17

Memphis Slim's house looked the same in 2007.
Nothing has changed :-(


Peter said...

Dang-- can't sneak anything by other Peter