Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Willie Dixon Interview in the Jas Obrecht Archive

I mention in the post below that the index in the linked story is a goldmine.  I've spent the morning reading about the origins of "Dust My Broom" and one of my guitar heroes, Jesse Edwin Davis.  Then I clicked on the "Home" button, and found the front page of the Jas Obrecht Music Archive.   There's a story about Willie Dixon on the first page, and it includes a 1980 interview.
"[W]hen Memphis Slim and I was workin’ in Europe [circa 1962], a lot of the young artists, they didn’t have no rock around then no more than the little bit that Chuck Berry had done started, you know. So the kids over there was all interested in the blues and was askin’ me about how could they make this in the Chuck Berry style and like this. And I would go to work, just try to explain it to ’em. " 


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