Sunday, December 25, 2011

Again! (Rebecca allows me.)

Three years ago Rebecca ignited all of this fury by getting me a $25 ticket to BBH.  My Chuck Berry problem had been on a low simmer from the late 1970s until 2008-- but that trip turned it into a full fledged fever.  Heck-- I even wrote a book!  Now, in the most amazing surprise, she's done it again.  My girls were getting all giddy as the box came to me.  I had no clue.  Then I open it, see the ticketmaster receipts and those instantly recognizable words.  But this time TWO $35 tickets and TWO mileage plan airfares.  So I get to go with her!  Her first time!  (And she never even read my post about her first gift!)  Thank you!  And thanks to everyone for a wonderful Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

The perfect gift, have a good time Peter !!