Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LL, JJ, BB, DD and RL

Fans of Superman will remember that many of the important people in the hero's life had LL names, like Lois Lane, Lex Luther, and Lafayette Leake

Wait!  Leake was a Chess piano player, who backed up Chuck Berry on lots of the big hits-- "Rock and Roll Music," "Sweet Little Sixteen," Johnny B. Goode," and, of course, "Tulane!"  I think Leake is also featured in the Montreux session that produced one of the best moments in Chuck Berry film history-- Chuck Berry backing T-Bone Walker on "Every Day I Have the Blues."

Of course, not all the Chuck Berry piano players had two Ls in their names.  Take Johnnie Johnson, for example, or Bob Baldori, or Daryl Davis or ... Dang!  Except for Robert Lohr, four of Chuck Berry's five long-standing piano players have double initials!

But that's nothing.  After all, 40% of them are lawyers.

Robert Lohr-- the exception that proves the rule.

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