Sunday, March 19, 2017

On Valentine's Day in 1971, when I was just 14, I walked into a nearly empty Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento and saw a lone figure on stage backed by a local rock band.  He was playing the blues when I pushed open the door and looked as sad and alone as anyone or anything I'd ever seen. Within a few minutes he picked it up and got us all on our feet and kept us there until, mercifully, he could leave Sacramento.  But eight months later he was back with a full crowd rocking from the very start.

I haven't added to this site in a long time.  I'll have two more posts, at least.  A summing up, and a piece about his long awaited new album.  In the meantime, I've shut down some of the more recent posts for a time to put my "book" about Chuck and my own peculiar love affair with him on top again for just a bit.  Hail!  Hail!  Love you Chuck!  

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