Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chuck Berry at Blueberry Hill, 8-14-2013 (New and Improved!)

Thanks to Doug and Marilyn for these great pictures.  Check out that 40 year old shirt!  (So how does a n August 2013 show appear in a May 2013 post?  It's a visionary set of photographs, folks.)

Here's the set list and other commentary from Doug:

Chuck Berry @ Blueberry Hill August 14, 2013
backed by his St. Louis Band
Roll Over Beethoven
CB says -  Is everybody alright ?? Is everybody Happy ?? Let me hear you say Ole' - Ole' - Ole' !!! 
Rock & Roll Music
Blues Instrumental
Everyday I Have The Blues - 
a  real Rockin' version of this blues classic, Ingrid throws a verse of Let It Rock in at the end....
Wee Wee Hours
Ding A Ling tune - but not the lyrics,
just a verse or so, I didn't recoginize for sure - may have been made up on the spot.......
requested by yours truly, Thanks Charles for relaying the request to your pop ...
It Hurts Me Too
Let It Rock !!
Everyday I Have The Blues
classic Blues version
Johnny B. Goode - Let It Rock
with girls onstage and an Encore !!

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Excellent photo's by our good friend Doug.