Monday, September 3, 2012

Live! From Fort Worth!

(I wonder if he ever stops to realize that, indeed, he'll be remembered as long and as fondly as Ludwig?

Here's a review.  Funny that I never find it too godawful sad.  I find it miraculous that an 85 year old still wants to get up there-- and I've never been less than fully absorbed.  Imagine, next time, that it's your own dad still doing what he always loved to do.  And Chuck Berry was never too worried about a missed note or a forgotten verse.

different review has a better POV.  And a quote that explains a lot.  "When I play a B I sometimes hear a C."  To learn more about that, check out Neurologist Oliver Sacks book Musicophelia, which talks about a composer whose hearing loss caused him to loose pitch perception.  He had to retune his piano to continue composing.  That can't be done when you're playing with a bunch of other folks.

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