Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It Was a Brown Eyed Handsome Man that Won the Game! Chuck Berry on Johngy's Beat (A World Series Replay)

John Wroblewski is a freelance writer who lives near Chicago.  I learned about him when Chuck Berry scholar and author Fred Rothwell sent me the link to John's blog Johngy's Beat and told me to check out the Cardinal's newest pitcher.  After that, had to track down the author and ask at least a few questions!

How did you wind up making baseball cards of people like Chuck Berry?

I saw others making cards of players who never had cards and I thought they were really cool.  Then I saw a picture of Trish Stratus (WWE wrestler) in a Maple Leafs jersey and the idea hit me to do Celebrity Jersey Cards, because that seemed to fit the concept of my site.  Then I started to look for other celebs wearing jerseys.  Some readers have also sent me pictures.

I use the design of the card for the year after the celebrity started his/her career.  I did not want the card design choice to be just random, so I use  the year after their debut, like the rookie cards of years ago.

Do you have any personal favorites?

I like the Trish, because it was my first, although I had help with it from Steve of  I like the Elton John card because it is wacky.  I also like athletes in jerseys from other sports.  Some cards I like just because they were a real challenge to do.

I see on your blog that you interview a lot of folks.  Tell us about that?

I contribute a weekly online piece for Global Traveler magazine.  I wrote a few celebrity-focused pieces there, but GT is more about travel than celebs.  Thus, was born.  My first real interview was former baseball player Rick Monday. That piece was read on Sporting News Radio.  It grew from there.  Interviewing celebs allows me a different experience than simply meeting them.

It has grown to me covering major conventions like Wizard World, Flashback Weekend  and Days of the Dead, along with some sports teams.  Lately, I have been covering a lot of independent wrestling companies in the Chicago area.  I just enjoy meeting all of the interesting people.

Got a favorite Chuck Berry song?  Ever see him live?

I have never seen Chuck Berry live.  As for my favorite song, he has so many.  He is such a great performer.  I would probably pick something old school, like Roll Over Beethoven.

Good Luck, Eagles

Did you catch the picture of Chuck in a Rams uniform?  Maybe it's time for a football card!

I have not seen that picture, but if you send it to me, I can promise I will make it.

(Editor's note: Readers came through with copies for John.  )



Anonymous said...

Peter, I have to have one of those cards!! Thanks for bring this to us...

Johngy said...

What a cool site and thanks for raching out to me. None of my cards exist except for in virtual versions on my site. Some day, maybe I will try to print some out.
I also want to thank those who sent pictures of Chuck Berry in a Blues sweater and a Rams jersey. I will work on those soon and when they are completed, I will let you know.
Thanks again for your interest.