Monday, June 18, 2012

Keith on Jazz on a Summer's Day

I'm finally reading Keith Richards' book Life and got to his wonderful description of Chuck Berry's performance in Jazz on a Summer's Day:
I think it was Chuck's proudest moment, when he got up there.  It's not a particularly good version of of "Sweet Little Sixteen," but it was the attitude of the cats behind him, solid against the way he looked and the way he was moving.   They were laughing at him.  They were trying to fuck him up.  Jo Jones was raising his drumnstick ater ever few beats and grinning as if he were in play school.  Chuck knew he was working against the odds.  And he wasn't really doing very well, when you listen to it, but he carried it.  He had a band behind him that wanted to toss him, but he still carried the day.  Jo Jones blew it, right there.  Instead of a knife in the back, he could have given him the shit.  But Chuck forced his way through.
I love it because it parallels my view of the performance, which I wrote about here. (You can check out the performance here, too!)

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