Sunday, January 15, 2012

Enrique Berry Let it Rock


Anonymous said...

Go Enrique, Go, Go !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Peter,
Chuck would say: "There are stars and satellites." What makes the difference is the talent. In Italy, a Neapolitan comedian, has been appreciated all over the country, although the country has always been divided between north and south ....
Antonio de Curtis Toto in art, as you can see from these pictures, was a champion.

Well I have always reminded me Chuck.
Perhaps you are not yet sufficiently analyzed the capacity that Berry had married during his performances in music and movement.
Other later stage used the choreography, but ...... the study and talent are not necessarily the same thing, this is Chuck - as Toto - 2 champions only.
ps: I would love if you made a post. The title? Chuck as Toto, two phenomena ... or see you.
best regards
Forever Chuck68