Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Blues, Jazz and Near Blues from Barcelona

A week or so ago I told about blues in Madrid.  Yesterday, when we climbed up to Parque Guell in Barcelona we found someone named Robert playing excellent slide guitar just below the peak. 
I wish I could tell you his name-- just looked at the cd's he was selling, and it said "Robert Live at..." (add name of club.  But he played some very good blues on that old resonator.

My bet was that street performers in Barcelona have to pass some sort of licensing exam. The ones we saw were all great.  One group outside the Cathedral played a sort of gypsy-tinged, new agey jazz.  You can see people were digging into their pockets.  They were really good.

Not far away was a brass band playing traditional Catalonian music.  Maybe my video will work here.  Unfortunately, it's reallllly short.

I could go on and on.  On the steps of the other cathedral (what city has two?!) there was a great choir.  Then behind that, a kids performance, with baby drummers, baby clarinetists, and a rapper.  All in all a great city.  But of course, you come here to see THIS guy!

Ah-- but he wasn't there.  That was a year ago.  In St. Louis.

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