Saturday, August 20, 2011

Now They Tell Me Rick Perry's Cuttin' Maybellene

From the department of "God Help Us, No!" this blog "Crooks and Liars"  says that Michelle Bachmann (seen left in her broke down Greyhound) (can't blame Newsweek for this one, Michelle) is using Elvis Presley's version of Chuck Berry's "Promised Land" to open her speeches.  Calling all of Chuck's lawyers!  Calling all of Chuck's lawyers!  For the sake of whatever's left of democracy, decency, and good, untainted music-- for the sake of our nation, and, (she has fantasies of becoming commander in chief), the world-- please, please, stop her.  (Rights to "Polythene Pam" may, however, be available.)  (After the blog post, you can console yourself with the comment section where you'll read one woman's memories of her trip to a festival at Berry Park as a twenty year old that ended with a nude swim in Chuck's guitar shaped pool.)

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