Friday, April 1, 2011


I've always considered myself a pretty big Chuck Berry fan (and getting bigger and bigger in my in old age, especially around the waist,) but I haven't changed my name to Chuck, or gone on stage to become Chuck!  (Of course, my granddaughter's middle name is Tulane.  Top that!)  But in Europe it's different.  On both sides of the Channel you'll find them.  First Dominic "Chuck Berry" Cooper and his band Rollin' Home.  (I'd rather post the live version found on facebook, but it's evidently not on youtube.  But this one sounds really good.)

Then, across the water, or tunnel, Jean "Red Chuck" Million, (born with a stage name,) not doing his Chuck Berry licks here, but killing it just the same with his band Red S'Alamandre. (Maybe ought to be called Cameleon Rouge.)

And it's not just in Europe.  My Mexican friend Enrique ("Berry") seems to scoot and duckwalk around town and practices splits in the hall.

Like me, this other guy, (who sometimes takes the name of Chuck Berry's chief tormentor and imitator,) has a guitar that looks like a Chuck Berry guitar.

And Doug duckwalks and scoots without a guitar.

Post Script:  Of course, no matter how well Dominic and Jean play, no matter how low Enrique can go, no matter how red Jan's guitar is, or how well the admiral's had fits Doug, the truth, the only verifiable, true, scientific proof of who really stirs the girls, is that one immutable piece of evidence: the photograph.  And it's worth a thousand words!  (Eat your hearts out, fellows.)


Anonymous said...

Peter, I would pay $$$ to see these guy's play. Dominic's Chuck Berry guitar style is perfect. Jean not only can play the guitar like Chuck, he is a Showman also like our hero. So glad to finally see a video clip of Enrique in action. From his still photo's you could tell he had perfect form on his scoot and splits. Now we know form the movie clip he can play Chuck Berry Rock & Roll guitar too....Jan says he just tortures his guitar, I'm thinking he's probably selling himself way short. I bet he can make that red Gibson talk just like CB. Peter, pictures don't lie and from the image the girls can't get enough of your version of Wee Wee Hours....... The guy in the park moaning and groaning with the Skipper's hat on the other hand is the only one that doesn't fit here with the others. You've heard the old saying - "I wouldn't walk across the street to see him". Well that might apply in this case .......
Thanks for your blog Peter, I really enjoy it.

CB Forum ID - Busseybootlegger

Peter said...

Well-- I intend to get to Bussey to see it. But I might not walk.