Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Remember This

This is the Chuck Berry I remember seeing so often in those days.  It's a great performance, and interesting to compare to the BBC show that aired several months prior.  The BBC show (equally great or eve better) is quiet and refined.  I think he was influenced by the venue-- performing at an iconic British cultural institution.  Here he's screaming himself horse, letting it all hang out, pretty much like he did on the live "London Sessions" cuts and the way he did at those early shows that I saw in 1971.  That's a beauty of his shows.  Same songs.  Same basic format.  Same elements.  And yet, every show different, depending on mood, band, performance.  I remember this one well.  it was from that amazing two year period when my hero was everywhere.  What I don't remember is exactly where I was when I watched it.  (I know where I would have been living, but don't remember being there to see this.)  If it aired December 8 as claimed, I might try to do some sleuthing.  Little by little I'm using CB to reconstruct my lost memory banks!  Chuck Berry as cure for early dementia!  Thank you Doug!

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Lisa Reinertson said...

Thanks for sharing. Sierra and I sang along!