Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Boogie Woogie "Boogie Bob" Christmas in Marshall, Texas

Robert "Boogie Bob" Baldori, who played harp on "Back Home,"and whose band The Woolies backed Chuck Berry on "San Francisco Dues" (and at countless live shows,) does a duet with Bob Seeley in Marshall, Texas December 17, 2010, Seeley's spontaneous dance undoubtedly celebrating the imminent arrival of baby Leila Tulane O'Neil 2000 miles away in a colder, darker clime.  (They just didn't know they were celebrating that momentous event.)

I would have liked to be at that show (except that it would have meant missing the bigger one in Seattle) because in addition to Seeley & Baldori the show featured the great Omar Sharriff, a man I first saw play at a little coffee house in San Jose, California back in 1973.  (It was a good room.  A few weeks later blues pianist Mark Naftalin put on a solo show there. )  At the time Sharriff went by the name Dave Alexander and had a couple of fine records out on Arhoolie.  I've got one of them.  The piano on that one sounds like it was driven by the atomic clock.  Here he is, nearly 40 years later, sounding mighty fine.

You can read more about Sharriff HERE

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