Sunday, November 7, 2010

Will Chuck Play It?

Dick Cavett was on CBS Sunday Morning this Sunday morning and it reminded me that the second time I saw Chuck Berry on television was in December 1970 on the Dick Cavett show.  Can't find it on youtube, but word from Morten Reff is that he played "Tulane," a song that would become a favorite of mine when I finally got the record "Back Home" about half a year later.  The song was never a hit, but it was never forgotten and gets played in basements and bars all over.  Here are some random versions.  The most elegant (which says "by me") is by a different me and is second down.  And Joan Jett's version  may be my favorite because hey-- a song about a cool girl ought to be sung and celebrated by one.

This guy (not me) nails the intro-- which has an interesting twist from the standard "Chuck Berry" intro.  (I just figured it out myself.)

Here's another:

These guys got the beginning of the intro right:

Here's the best produced of the lot so far:

A hit version:

And of course, good to see a woman do a song that celebrates a woman:

Have to say, Mr. Berry: the people can't be wrong.  If we love the song enough to cover it in our bars and basements, you should play it for us once in a while!


Anonymous said...

Tulane, I love your favorite song. I listened to it everyday on the way to and from work for a month straight awhile back. And always with the song Have Mercy following right behind. I want to hear both from Chuck one right after each other at a Blueberry Hill Show, that would be something!! I like joan Jett's version, she does a great job...
CB Forum ID - Busseybootlegger

Peter said...

Good to hear from you Doug. "Have Mercy, Judge," might be more of a favorite even than "Tulane." Yes-- he should play it and pay it the respect it deserves. Today on facebook CBII said they ought to play "My Mustang Ford" life. He has so many to choose from. I think he should be more like Bob Dylan in that regard. Pull some old forgotten ones out of his hat and play them. But oh well-- the ones he plays regularly are plenty good enough-- can't complain!