Saturday, August 14, 2010

Concerto in B Goode! (2/3s of the Senegallia show)

I haven't tried to watch this whole thing, but here, from Doug, is the first 2/3s of the show:

This one begins with a beautiful introduction to "Carol."  Listen to that tone!  Then comes "You Never Can Tell."  (Chuck's voice was never so smooth in the 1970s when he was playing and singing it ragged every night.)

"Around and Around" (sounds so sweet.)  Listen to Bob Lohr go to town after the first verse!  Chess Records Lives!  (Followed by some blues!)

He lets it rock with a blazing introduction here (then ends with a jazzy little chord or two).  (This is a helluva Chuck Berry show in the year 2010!)  (Then he pulls it out.)

Grazie a Doug e alla persona simpatica che a fatto questo!

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