Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Golden Gloves Chuck Berry to Honor Champ

Chuck Berry tells some pretty funny stories about his amateur boxing career in his Autobiography, and he still packed enough punch 30 years later to give Keith Richards a sore jaw.  Even Jerry Lee Lewis admits to getting whupped by the true king.  And on August 1, Berry and fellow St. Louis star Jackie Joyner-Kersee will show up at city hall to honor St. Louis world champion boxer Devon Alexander.  You can read about it here-- and if you're sweltering in St. Louis in early August, you can go.  (But check out Thursday's free concert first!).  Read about the city hall visit HERE.  Check out the free concert HERE.  Or go straight to the source (and get free tickets) at


stefano said...

Aug 7th are you sure...? Chuck and the St Louis band are in Italy on the 6th Aug cant see how they can make it.....?
Pete check out the e mail address you hardly use I sent one about a month ago !!
Ciao Stefano

Peter said...

Thanks, Stefano! The date is August 1-- and then it's off to Italy. A very busy week for the Berry Gang.