Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Let's Build a Monument to Thousands of Nights on the Road

The official Chuck Berry website ( has a very good list of all of Chuck Berry's recent appearances. Morton Reff's books-- The International Chuck Berry Directory-- has an amazing list of television performances and international appearances. And there's a huge listing all of Chuck Berry's appearances at  But hundreds or thousands of one nighters here in the United States remain sealed in our memories, or on ticket stubs, or old newspaper clippings. Given the beautifully typed list Chuck shows (I think during an interview with Robbie Robertson) there's probably some very detailed information available in Wentzville, but we can't count on seeing that until (we can hope) it arrives at the archives of some museum many years hence. SO-- I'm wondering if fans can't resurrect history by sending the dates we know to some central spot. It would be a cool thing. A lot of us have spent our lives watching and listening to Chuck Berry and have indelible memories of it. It's certifiably crazy, but it would be cool to know the dates-- and just putting them in one place would be a testament to one man's real work-- getting on stage night after night for 50 years and just killing it.

If you've got a verified date, send it to me at goheadon(at) and I'll trying getting it to someone who'll put it in the permanent record.

Picture by "Sky."

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Peter said...

It would be great to have all the US dates in a book. I have been thinking of that too :-)