Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chuck Dylan and Bob Berry

Two artists dominate my record collection. I’ve always thought they were more similar than different.

Both rooted in the blues.

Both born on the Mississippi.

Both Disciples of Muddy, (born further down).

Both enigmas.

Both touring constantly (at least for the first 70 years.)

Both attached to guitars (with a little piano on the side.)

Both authors of their own autobiographies, word for word, and both receiving critical acclaim for same at places like The New York Times for their work.

Both loose with their own melodies.

Both quiet off stage.

Both of them poets—authors of hundreds of songs.

Both, now, singers of Christmas carols!

It doesn’t matter if one stands stock still on stage, seemingly frozen, while the other scoots, bends, splits and duckwalks; or if one can barely crack a smile while the other grins and mugs.

Both dip deeply into the current of American music and pull up something that is timeless and original. They are both giants among their fellows.

Both hugely charismatic, each in his own peculiar way.

Both available to be seen and heard today.

My advice? Do it.

(Chuck Berry photo byKevin Reynolds,

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